Qualified Carers with Experience

We are always on the look out for Qualified Carers with experience, if you would like to apply to join our team please email us your CV on learn@happykidzmalta.com ​We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Becoming a Qualified Child Carer

Becoming a Qualified Child Carer involves training and dedication, in order to join a licensed Child day care centre and work successfully with children of up to the age of three years.  

In terms of Qualifications, a Level 4 diploma is required. There are a number of organisations offering this training, such as the Employment and Training Centre (ETC), Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) and other private organisations.

A Qualified professional Child Carer trains to become a good communicator, organised and proactive in Caring and helping children learn through a wide range of activities. The training involves both theory and assessed practical placement, so as to learn how to put into practice these skills and theories in your every day work at the day care centre.     

Some of the modules include Child Development, Child Study and Observation, Health and Safety, Nutrition and Hygiene.

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